Home Schooling; Tech Teachings

Lauren Selman April 12, 2023


Joining host Rob Grimes this week is Eddie Shapiro, a home technology integrator and expert – who is on the board of the Association – CEDIA – Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. Eddie shares with us the trends in the luxury home marketplace that also can play a role in what is available and coming for the commercial foodservice and hospitality markets.

The luxury home market has seen a shift in consumers who desire high quality technology in their home, such as intelligent lighting fixtures, audio-visual, connected bathrooms and kitchens, security and surveillance, and energy management. All these technologies come together in a Human-Centric approach, incorporating AI and requiring a deep understanding of networks, data security and integration to pull it all together. Whether bought from Home Depot, Amazon, or specialized professional grade equipment, the fusion of home and tech cannot be denied.

In establishing the connection between technology and the home, Eddie says that collaboration between vendors is essential. “The integrator of the AV technology company on a project, needs to collaborate with the builder, plumber and electrician as it is available everywhere. It’s a better project for everybody when that happens.” Moving forward, powering the numerous technologies that run at home is a focal point for those who work in the space, especially ensuring the integration of clean energy to do so. Sound familiar?

Listen to this episode of Accelerate to consider the learnings at home that can be applied to your operations and can be applied to your home as well!