A Sci-Fi Approach to Tech

Rob Grimes June 27, 2023


Among the oldest mediums to predict the future of technology, books theorize where we might be headed, and one genre in particular has been a consistent predictor of the future and tech – science fiction. Science fiction has always pushed the boundaries of the current science that we think we know. Scientific thought beginning with theories, moving to research, confirming facts, and in the end, many ending up as reality.

Joining host Rob Grimes is W.L. Hoffman, the author of the Soulstealer War series. Coming from a law background, W.L. Hoffman eventually made a shift in his career after finding inspiration on the beach at the Jersey Shore, he followed his dreams and passion to start writing science fiction stories.

He references how Jules Verne, a science fiction writer in the 1880’s, “accurately depicted a sub that had all the aspects of nuclear technology.” Combining the aspects of observation and creativity is a key component to the sci-fi genre. It’s also why many times the prediction becomes reality.

Relating to the restaurant industry, W.L. Hoffman advises thinking outside of the box. Observe patterns and adapt your ideas of technology to create a better and more unique experience.

If you want to explore the world of science fiction, and its impact of the present and the future, you don’t want to miss this Accelerate conversation with W.L. Hoffman.