IFBTA, EatOkra Announce Partnership Providing Education, Networking and Support to Black-Owned Restauranteurs

Lauren Selman August 23, 2023

The International Food and Beverage Technology Association (IFBTA) and EatOkra announced today a partnership to bring technology education, networking and support to EatOkra’s vibrant community of Black-owned restaurants and entrepreneurs.

Founded in 2016, EatOkra empowers consumers to become conscious buyers of a rich food culture and gives Black owners a platform to grow brand awareness and their business. EatOkra represents a community of more than 19,000 Black-owned restaurants, eateries, and food trucks across the country. The IFBTA offers technology education, including research and a Certified Foodservice Technology Professional (CFTP) certification program, resources, and networking opportunities that support of the mission and initiatives of EatOkra in serving their members throughout the year, enabling their community to grow and thrive.

“The IFBTA is excited to work together with Anthony and Janique Edwards in support of their vision that established EatOkra” commented Rob Grimes the CEO of the IFBTA. “They bring together and represent a community with a long history of playing a key role in defining and providing the food and hospitality that shapes the restaurant marketplace. EatOkra’s initiatives in providing the tools and resources to grow and promote Black-owned operators, are ones where the IFBTA’s technology-focus can make a difference in achieving their goals.”

Joining forces with IFBTA is a monumental step for EatOkra. We’re here to empower and elevate Black-owned food businesses, and this partnership does just that by laying down the tech foundation. Technology isn’t just a tool; it’s an enabler that opens up new horizons for creativity, growth, and community-building. With the IFBTA’s expertise, we’re not just serving food; we’re serving up opportunities.

This new partnership includes the following areas of collaboration:

  • EatOkra listed members receive IFBTA membership as an included benefit that provides access to IFBTA resources, chapters, education, and events.
  • EatOkra members can participate in a dedicated group as an IFBTA’s Communities.
  • The IFBTA and EatOkra Alliance, strengthens and builds on each organizations’ relationships with key food and beverage thought leaders, innovators, and suppliers to the industry.

This announcement comes on the heels of recent partnerships with the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), the Retail Solution Providers Association (RSPA), the Digital Restaurant Association (DRA), and Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE).

About the IFBTA: The International Food and Beverage Technology Association (IFBTA) is a nonprofit trade association that promotes the use of technology within the global food and beverage industries with a specific focus on education, networking, certification, research, and events, while aligning with other industry associations and groups in support of their technology related initiatives. For more information, visit www.IFBTA.org.

About EatOkra: EatOkra is on a mission to help millions of people find community and culture through food. EatOkra is using technology to empower Black food communities through exposure, celebration and access to developmental resources.