FSTEC 2023 Review Pt 2: Comparing Notes with Tim Tang

Rob Grimes September 25, 2023


Host Rob Grimes continues his review of FSTEC 2023 and compares notes with Tim Tang, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Hughes. Tim has also been going to FSTEC for over 10 years as a tech analyst that covers foodservice and many other related industries across retail, c-store, and hospitality where he and Rob keep running into each other.

Speaking to broad observations of the industry as seen at FSTEC, Tim says “The current environment post covid – high inflation, labor challenges, new regulatory pressures and the like have really created a context where the restaurant industry needs all the help it can get – and with technology that’s the opportunity.” It’s an exciting time for the industry.

Rob and Tim talk about the biggest noticeable changes for the industry from their first attendance to now. They note that while sales may be up, profitability as an industry has come down & while there are new opportunities few are taking advantage of them. They also discuss why it’s important to have your finger on the pulse of both the restaurant and hospitality industries when you’re attending these events.

If you didn’t attend FSTEC and want to hear insights from this year’s show or want to hear their thoughts on how to take advantage of the new tech offerings, then this episode of Accelerate is for you.