Future Vision; Customer Connections | A conversation with Stephen Smith

Lauren Selman January 24, 2023


What would you do if you could have a conversation with your great grandmother, or a deceased historical figure or celebrity? What started for Stephen Smith, founder of StoryFile, as an interest in the oral history of holocaust survivors has become a revolution in AI – technology that captures the beauty and wonder of the human spirit.

In the hospitality industry, where your culture is your difference, and maintaining a connection with guests creates brand loyalty. A virtual host that welcomes guests into a space can help bridge the gap in those connections. An employee can learn the company’s culture and be trained directly by the founder of their company. The opportunities are as endless as the imagination of what is possible, visualizing how technologies can be used to create a direct connection between operator/customer and employee/employer that has not have existed before.

Join IFBTA CEO, Rob Grimes and Chairman/CEO Stephen Smith of StoryFile in the conversation, as they navigate artificial intelligence and explore how to maintain the hospitality-human connection enabled by technology and innovation