Hospitality Tech; State of the Union

Rob Grimes March 14, 2024

In this episode of the Accelerate Podcast, host Rob Grimes, delves into the pulse of hospitality tech in a “Hospitality Tech: State of the Union” episode. Drawing inspiration from the recent State of the Union address, he embarks on a comprehensive exploration of the technological landscape within the hospitality industry.

Join Rob, as he navigates through various industry predictions, presentations, and articles, shedding light on the latest tech trends shaping the hospitality industry. Recognizing the pivotal role of consumer and operator perspectives, we uncover how these insights shape the trajectory of industry innovations.

Our journey extends beyond mere observation, as we engage extensively with suppliers, operators, and industry associations to glean invaluable insights into the industry’s current state. Anticipation builds as we prepare to attend upcoming events such as MURTEC, The Bar & Restaurant Show, Pizza Expo, Multiunit Franchising Conference, and Shop Talk, where industry discourse thrives.

We dive deep into industry Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including consumer spending trends, tech budgets, and leadership evolution, providing a holistic view of industry dynamics. Explore with us as we discuss new opportunities for operators and drivers of progress, analyzing tech spending trends and the emergence of new leadership roles within companies.

Furthermore, we examine supplier marketplace dynamics, uncovering new product offerings and international expansion strategies. Delve into labor market trends, noting the increasing interest in hospitality technology careers and the industry’s evolving workforce landscape.

Through it all, we recognize the critical role of technology in meeting consumer expectations and propelling industry growth. Join us in this conversation, culminating in an overall positive outlook on the future of technology within the dynamic realm of hospitality. Tune in to the Accelerate Podcast for a compelling exploration of Hospitality Tech’s, 2024 State of the Union.