Learning from NRF and Peripheral Industries

Lauren Selman January 30, 2023


With so many places to look for technology, sometimes what you’re looking for is available in a different part of the world or peripheral industries. Retail, for example, is an industry with many overlapping services within the foodservice space…

NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show took place in New York, showcasing retailers who specialize in convenience stores, grocery, and specialty stores. Trends highlighted included data, cameras, robotics, and holograms, and what do you know – these technologies were similarly displayed just a week prior at CES. “The speed of technology finding its way from the consumer industry to retail side is instantaneous today,” says Rob Grimes.

In this episode of Accelerate, IFBTA CEO Rob Grimes talks about his experience at NRF 2023’s innovation lab as well as his observation of other crossover industries such as lodging, travel, healthcare, and vending and their overall impact on the future of the food and beverage industry.