Predictive Programming = Predictive Tech

Lauren Selman June 6, 2023


Technology predictions from the 20th century are starting to take shape now in 2023. In the cartoon “The Jetson’s” (which aired in 1962) there were many artificial intelligence, automation, self-driving technologies, etc. which do exist in some form today while others are still under development. So how are people able to make such bold, yet accurate predictions with technology?

This week Accelerate Host and IFBTA CEO Rob Grimes, explores predictive programming impacts technology innovation, starting out as an idea in someone’s “mind’s eye” and is influenced by other technologies, industries, ending up in Cartoons, TV and in the Movies.

In comparing how robots will do the work of their masters, Rob references a popular scene from the movie ‘The Surrogate.’ “Bruce Willis sits in a chair and his surrogate goes out and does work for him, whether those are robotics or holograms”. Space exploration, robots, automated food, none of these are new ideas – but they are quickly becoming our reality in 2023.

If you want to learn more about the different ways that entertainment media has influenced and predicted current and future technology innovation and trends, check out this episode of Accelerate.