The End Zone: Tech Investing

Rob Grimes August 1, 2023


When it comes to investing in foodservice and food related technologies, you may want to have a conversation with former NFL player Lamarr Houston who clearly has a taste for this! Lamarr joins Accelerate Host Rob Grimes to talk about how his athletic, business and entrepreneurial passions have come together to feed his inspiration and ideas that started early in his life.

Lamarr started angel investing with a former teammate, Dez Bryant, and currently has a small portfolio of seven companies – all with a different focus – from alcoholic beverage vending machines to mushrooms to semiconductors. When discussing his Liquor Software business BoxxTech, Houston says what originally was a traditional snack vending machine quickly evolved into a tech business when he realized what he was looking for didn’t exist.

“The consumer is there for the reason of the event and being that it’s centered around that we want the customer to not be standing in a line for 45 minutes waiting for a drink” he says. They needed a quicker and more convenient way to get their beverages. But when it came to alcohol, age verification and limits on serving multiple drinks, also needed to be addressed.

If you want to hear Lamarr’s thoughts and advice on food-tech investing or learn more about Houston’s entrepreneurial beginnings and even personal favorite technology – listen to this episode of Accelerate.