The Tech Wish List; Count me In!

Lauren Selman June 23, 2023


What inspires technology? The simple answer is that people look towards technology that makes their lives easier and/or more enjoyable. If people don’t buy-in to technology, if they’re not enthusiastic about it, then it’s not going to be used – Accelerate host Rob Grimes included!

On this week’s episode of Accelerate, Rob explores some of the personal technologies he’s invested in and how these technologies are shifting to accommodate his individualized preferences which also find their way into technology adoption within the hospitality industries. In many ways people are trying to simulate their preferred technology they get at home in their restaurant and hospitality experiences.

For example, voice control is a technological innovation that people are using at their home or on-the-go. This is translatable to the experiences one might get when they go into the hospitality industry, where they will begin to expect universal voice integration within the technologies used by both customers and operators.

If you want to learn more about the symbiotic relationship between our personal desires and technological advancements as well as Rob’s own personal inspirations, listen to this episode Accelerate.