What to Do Now That the Overtime Rule was Blocked

IFBTA Admin December 6, 2016

Original Article from QSR Magazine-

While the controversial rule was delayed, quick-service operators would be wise to stay prepared.

Restaurant managers have a huge list of things they constantly have to think about: ordering the best ingredients, promoting their restaurant, keeping an eye on competition, and becoming the best restaurant they can be. When dealing with their staff, the list is equally as long: remaining in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations; handling scheduling, timesheets, and related documentation; and retaining employees in a low-unemployment environment, are just a few examples.

Manta, a small business consultancy, noted in a July 2016 study that 40 percent of small business owners spend one to five hours per week on regulatory matters and another 21 percent spend six or more. Now, that list of regulatory issues could get longer.