Crossing Borders: Your Passport for Tech

Rob Grimes February 28, 2023

Setting your global compass is the conversation of today’s episode of Accelerate. Host Rob Grimes talks about the relationship and considerations in sourcing technology that works across geographic borders, and where local customs, regulations, workforce and support all play a role. The impact of the different styles of service, food offerings and local customs such as service charges vs tips all need to be considered. Rob presents his thoughts on being global while adapting your tech stack for international markets and how to best understand and think locally.

If international expansion is in your gameplan, then identifying technologies and techniques that can work in an international market, are key considerations. Remember, it’s not always about the technology; it’s about how you deliver your products and services, and how business is done in an international market that you need the proper technologies to enable.

And then the additional questions, while not directly tied to the functions and features you need to operate, that can impact your decision on one technology and provider over another. “Are you planning to franchise or license your operations? Are you going into new geographies, other countries, or regions of the world? Are you planning to sell or be acquired?”

To get your Visa and Passport stamped to cross the borders of technology for your operation, listen to this episode of Accelerate.