The Tech of Food; Lights, Camera, Action

Lauren Selman February 20, 2023


When people think about technology in a general sense, they don’t necessarily think about the technology of food. This week, IFBTA CEO Rob Grimes has a conversation with Felipe Hasselmann, the President and CEO of Cuisine Solutions. Felipe says he is actually not in the business of food, but rather in the business of creating memories and experiences.

“You describe the texture. You describe the taste. That’s the goal we want to accomplish. We create memories through food which requires a large amount of technology. This comes from research on equipment and cooking.”

Rob and Felipe discuss the importance of being consistent with high quality food products, where social media plays a role in maintaining a positive or negative memory, associating it with the provider.

They consider a future where cooking occurs via light waves, and food is prepared to perfection every step of the process, every time..

To learn more about food-tech, the relationship between memories, experiences, and food, and looking to future-tech cooking, listen to this episode of Accelerate.