Learning to Adapt: Thinking Beyond ChatGPT; it’s not the Destination, it’s just the Beginning

Lauren Selman March 8, 2023


New AI technologies constantly impact and offer opportunities for F&B and beyond. ChatGPT is the most recent “shiny object” garnering much of the recent media attention, conversation and debate. Education has been one of the first to call out the effect, and impact as students have the ability to get their work done by this application. While some educators have taken an optimistic approach to the new technology, others are actively resisting.

Joining host Rob Grimes on this episode is Toby Egan, PhD is Associate Professor & Senior Executive Fellow and Chair of the Faculty at the Robert H. Smith School of Business and the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland.

Adaptation of technology is tough in any industry Egan notes, 3D printing for example. “Chefs would probably argue that the nuance there is going to be difficult for a machine to reproduce and I’m sure that’s seen as a big challenge for the robotic industry.”

How is the government regulating these new technologies? What is the answer to the age old question of is technology here to help or hurt us? How do we put a hospitality focus on this? Find out on this episode of Accelerate.