Recipe for Tech

Lauren Selman April 25, 2023


The world of innovating high speed and accelerated cooking products is on fire. So what demands this innovation? What trends are we seeing? James Pool, CTO and Operations Officer of The Middleby Corporation, joins host Rob Grimes as they explore the tech-infused world of next-gen cooking equipment.

Reflecting on the innovation coming out of over 120 equipment brands within their portfolio, James Pool notes that innovation is being driven by the desire for automation. “Supply chain and labor are the 2 biggest focus areas right now. That’s where we see the ideas for our innovations coming from. The biggest questions are how do I automate my kitchen, how do I adjust how the staff does their job, and make the equipment easier to operate?”

They discuss ventless technologies, electrification of kitchens, and the shift towards robotics, while adding in a topping of digital IoT to tie it all together within the totally connected kitchen.

To hear more about the fast-paced environment of kitchen equipment and the surrounding technologies that empower your kitchen, this episode of Accelerate cooks it up for you.