The Startup Nation; Hospitality and Tech

Lauren Selman March 22, 2023


Joining IFBTA CEO Rob Grimes this week on Accelerate is Tomer Moore, founder of the Israeli Restaurant Association; Misadanim Chazakim Beyachad (Restauranteurs are Stronger Together). Tomer has background as a restauranteur, opening over 10 restaurants and working with Tech startups. Tomer noticed that despite Israel being a global technology powerhouse known as the “Startup Nation”, the restaurant industry used technology that was out of date, focusing mostly on POS.

Since COVID, things have shifted. Tomer mentions “It was a big crisis, but it was also a great opportunity for customers and for operators to make a technology shift and investment.” Customers are open for that.” Looking to the future, emerging tech like AI, robotics, blockchain, etc. are all making its way into the Israeli restaurant scene.”

To learn more about the emergence of technology in Israel and its growing restaurant, hospitality and tourism industries, this episode of Accelerate is a must!