Service, Experience and Culture with a Touch of Magic

Lauren Selman February 6, 2023


When Lee Cockerell got to Walt Disney World in 1993, they did not have email and were still using brown envelopes and carbon paper to communicate. Needless to say, day-to-day operations have changed quite a bit since then.

In this episode of Accelerate, Rob Grimes talks with father & son Dan Cockerell and Lee Cockerell who were both part of the Disney leadership team as Executive Vice President and Vice President, respectively. They talk the journey of rolling out technology and the importance of adoption with both staff and guests alike.

Dan Cockerell notes on implementing technology that “every time we came up with a new technology… it was for our employees. We said they better love it. If they don’t, they will passively not adopt it. They’re not going to help us fix it and make it better.” When asked about the influence of technology and how to stand out as a company, Lee shares that “there’s 3 things you got to do better than everybody else and that’s hire them right, train them right, and treat them right.”

To learn more about why technology is the most important focus for every business, and how it deeply impacts customer service & experience, listen to this episode of Accelerate.