Cross Industry Tech Touchpoints

Rob Grimes October 11, 2023


Over the past week, Accelerate host Rob Grimes attended 3 different industry events across 3 industries and segments – food and beverage, hospitality, and retail. Starting at CrEATe in Palm Springs, to NACS trade show in Atlanta, and then a presentation on food and beverage technology at the ‘On the Road’ series for the AHLA and IHLA in Chicago.

Attending events by these various verticals in such a short timespan reminds Rob that although our approach to technology may differ, there are universal truths that all these industries share. We share similar challenges, and thus should be able to share solutions (in the form of tech).

“Technology exists to bridge the gap as different industries work together in partnership, with shared operations” mentions Rob. Despite this, it’s ingrained in us to only use technologies that traditionally serve our own specific industry verticals and niches.

Rob then discusses the events he attended, by sharing the specific topics of conversation which were top of mind at each industry segment.

If you want to learn where the focus is for the various industry segments, and where there is major crossover potential, both in partnerships and integrated technology, check out this episode of Accelerate.