CyberMonday Tech

Rob Grimes November 27, 2023


As we approach a Cyber Monday which is projected to hit a new spending high this year, the conversation around technology continues to get louder. Joining Rob this week is Aramark’s Vice President Digital Innovation and creator of Emerge, Peter Czimback.

Peter introduces Emerge and talks about the importance of keeping the consumers at the center of everything as you approach your technology. “At the end of the technology there’s one thing that always happens. Someone’s touching it – humans” he says.

Rob and Peter discuss the notion of technology replacing labor. They argue technology is meant to enhance labor and when used correctly, should actually encourage more job opportunities. Technology frees employees to focus on the service.

The conversation moves into several interesting technologies and gadgets available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Projection devices look to be a popular gift – something somebody would purchase for someone else, and maybe not themselves. Wearable devices like glasses are still of interest but are not as advanced (yet) as someone may expect.

Tune in and get the scoop on popular consumer technology and maybe ideas for your own Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases.