TechGenerations: Bridging Gaps in Hospitality

Rob Grimes November 6, 2023


Accelerate Host Rob Grimes provides his perspective on how technology and generational differences converge, shaping the future of the hospitality industry. In today’s diverse landscape, six distinct generations both serve and are served, each bringing its unique tech prowess and preferences. Harnessing the 5 C’s of change – creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and compassion – we explore how these principles drive innovation, from reimagined dress codes to groundbreaking communication tools.

But with innovation comes responsibility: as patrons eagerly trade personal data for tailored services or cost savings, we delve deep into the balancing act between convenience and privacy. Join this episode of Accelerate and be part of the conversation in decoding the intricate dance of generations and technology and discover how they’re redefining hospitality in the 21st century.