Rob Grimes November 22, 2023

As operators, the opportunities that new technology is bringing to the hospitality industry is abundant. Since technology enables every part of an operation, it allows operators to focus on their role without becoming technologists themselves.

This week, Rob discusses many of the new opportunities that are available to operators. He calls out the growth and demand of fresh food. Customers increasingly desiring access to food that is cooked and delivered efficiently. Vending, an area that allows 24 hours of operations, is old, but new trend that operators can capitalize on as a way to expand their brand.

Rob also shares some of the new technologies that will allow operators to access to some of these opportunities. A critical piece is self-service technologies. Engaging people on mobile technology which they constantly carry around with them and use for purchasing is key for the future. We can also look at robotics as another pivotal technology, as it gives the potential ability to cook food on demand within unattended or limited service operations, delivering ultimate freshness.

Simply put, If you want to hear about many of the new and growing opportunities in the hospitality industry and which technologies will allow you to take advantage of them, check out this episode of Accelerate.