Giving Through Tech

Rob Grimes July 10, 2023


Giving back to local communities has always been a key focus for hospitality and restaurant brands. This act of service can make a difference in local communities, it creates a connection between the guest and business.

Joining Accelerate host Rob Grimes this week is Michelle McCarthy, Executive Director of Round It Up America an application conceived and developed by leaders in the restaurant industry, to make it easier than ever to donate through POS connected technology. Michelle previously worked with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, and COO for American Red Cross in Los Angeles, and has been able to leverage her experiences to support our industry.

Michelle gives credit to micro transactions as an easy way to get into giving back. “Even [employees] can participate because it isn’t asking for them to write a big check. You know it’s a small donation that goes a long way” she says, adding that this charity can be added easily as a new item to a menu at any business.

Charity is also a way to build morale within a company. Employees also want to feel like they’re making an impact with their work – and adoption of these giving back campaigns by employees and guests alike is the best way to make them successful.

If you want to hear about the ways that technology is changing the business of charity, and simple ways to get involved with giving back – listen to this episode of Accelerate.