CHART’ing the Course of Training Tech

Lauren Selman October 16, 2023


The role of technology in training and development across the hospitality industry has evolved dramatically, especially over the last 5 years.

In this episode of Accelerate, host Rob is joined by Felicia White, President-Elect for the Council Hotel Restaurant and Trainers (CHART), and Monique Donahue, Director of Commercial Learning for Hilton, and prior president of CHART. CHART is an association that provides training and resources for both hotel and restaurant operators. Serving industries providing hospitality and service, many with responsibility of training in their organizations come from operations without a formal background in training or human resources.

Discussing the evolution of training, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Assisted Translation are areas that have seen the significant growth within the space. The trio discuss how their teams interact and learn using augmented reality and gamification tools in virtual environments to learn their jobs and understand their corporate culture and brand differentiation.

As much as the approach to learning and development has changed, Felicia & Monique mention it’s not about replacing people but making their work more impactful and efficient. “Despite the machine assistance, there is always going to be a localization, a human set of eyes that’s reviewing” says Monique.

Whether it’s the commonality of labor and training across all industries that interest you, or wanting to know how specific training technology is making the hospitality more efficient, check out this episode of Accelerate.