The Inevitability of Tech

Rob Grimes October 25, 2023


This week’s episode is about the inevitable adoption of certain technology – where resistance is futile. Mandates, whether it be from the government or operators themselves, are pushing technology in a certain direction and making it so there is almost no way to resist.

Join Host Rob Grimes this week as he talks about the specific technologies that are being pushed and adopted despite the oppositions, concerns and roadblocks that may exist.

Electrification is a good example of a trend that many jurisdictions are passing regulations to push forward. Rob references that going forward, new commercial kitchens in having to be electric and can no longer use gas to cook with.

AI is another example of a technology and innovation that use and acceptance is inevitable for other reasons. Businesses see the ability to use AI coupled with robotics to supplement labor and save money. Historical events also cause change – COVID saw the rise of online delivery, its acceptance, and now being an expected service within all areas of hospitality and retail, because there were limited other options available during this challenging period.

For better or worse, the evolution of technology we’ve witnessed throughout history is as inevitable as change itself. If you want to hear about the areas of inevitable technology and the reason for these changes, tune in to this episode of Accelerate.