Hospitable Tech

Lauren Selman May 22, 2023


The symbiotic relationship between the foodservice and hospitality industries is one that stretches back centuries. In fact, before the onset of Inn’s in the 1800’s (the first lodging facility for tourists), locals used to let travelers rest on kitchen floors and extra spaces during their journey. Food, beverage and rest (Eat, Drink and Sleep), have always gone hand in hand.

In this episode of Accelerate, host and IFBTA CEO Rob Grimes, has a conversation with Mike Blake, Chief Technology Officer of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).

Mike discusses AHLA’s role within hospitality, defining best practices and serving as a focal point for over 80% of franchised hotels which are represented. “I always used to tell people that I could troubleshoot a room whether the room is in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur or Wichita, Kansas, they all are pretty much set up very similarly when it comes to the technology,” Mike mentions, referring to the consistent global standards of the hospitality industry.

Rob and Mike also announced the new partnership between the IFBTA and AHLA – discussing how each organization are experts in their respective industries, and how the partnership will enhance the AHLA’s offerings in F&B technology content, education and networking for their Hotelier and Supplier members, at the same time making available to IFBTA members the resources of America’s largest hotel association.

If you want to hear more about the dynamic environment within Lodging and F&B technologies, and hear more about the new AHLA and IFBTA’s partnership, you don’t want to miss this episode of Accelerate.