Hospitality TechTour; Around the World in 30-Days

Lauren Selman April 4, 2023


Accelerate host Rob Grimes takes a look at the 6 events industry he attended just 30-days in March, and the global conversations, observations and those “ah-ha” moments he encountered during the journey.

Starting and ending in Las Vegas, with pit stops in Tel Aviv and London, it’s clear that cybercrime, artificial intelligence & location-based technologies are a focal point for the community at large, and that new innovation is coming to the forefront faster than ever before.

Rob reflects on how “location-based technologies are being embedded for Ai which also helps with custom culture language.” With data and digital technology, we are able to communicate more efficiently on a global scale.

To hear about global trends in hospitality and foodservice technology, how they are showcased, and put into action, this Accelerate episode is for you.