NuArx – Future Trends

IFBTA Admin December 13, 2016

Rob – Hi, Rob Grimes with the IFBTA and I’m here with Chad Leedy, who is the Vice President of Retail Compliance for NuArx. But you know what, when you guys connected with the IFBTA, it was ANX. So transitions have happened as you become a member here. Well listen, I don’t get the opportunity as our members do to talk with you and your team on a consistent basis throughout the year to hear what exactly what it is you’re thinking so since we’re talking today, is there something you might want to share with me or share with those that take a look at new works and the IFBTA as to what you think that conversation or trend should be going forward in the next few months? What are the few things if we were having dinner tonight you’d be telling me that I should be taking look at and considering going forward that I may not know today?

Chad – Well, I think one of the things that we are continuing to do is to have all of our solutions set to make it easier for merchants to get compliant. One solution that we just recently launched, and has been very successful, is called Enterprise Compliance Management and what it does is it takes the disruptive one time event that most level one and level two merchants experience for their report on compliance, and transforms it into a year long engagement and makes it just a lot easier to deal with compliance. Instead of a once a year fire drill, we really extend that engagement all year long and become an extension of their management team. That’s really where I think compliance is going. Instead of a vendor relationship, I think most retailers and restaurants one and engage technology partner. Technology is a piece of it but really becoming a partner and understanding new challenges that are out there and sharing what we see, I think it’s very important and I think the association is an incredibly important component of that.