Panasonic and the IFBTA

IFBTA Admin May 15, 2017

Rob Grimes: Hi this is Rob Grimes with the IFBTA and I’m really proud today to be with Jeff Pinc who is the Director of Food Service Technology for Panasonic, one of our industry suppliers. So welcome Jeff.

Jeff Pinc: Thanks for joining us at the Panasonic CES experience.

RG: You know normally we don’t do these interviews with nametags on but today we thought it was appropriate because not only do we want to know about Panasonic’s specific trends and forecast for food service industry, and also why the IFBTA is important to you, but why not take advantage of this which really says a lot more about Panasonic then just the food service vertical itself.

JP: Hey, happy to be a part of the IFBTA especially as a founding member. I’ll tell you what, it’s an organization that really gives us access to the people we want to have conversations with. What I mean by that is we’ve got a great message to tell at Panasonic that’s really about a connected kitchen, a connected restaurant and that’s what we’re going to market with and you see some of that here at the CES booth. We’re showing a connected car where we can do ordering right from the head module of the car right to a quick service restaurant. So, we’re showing a lot of our displays and projection technology so from the consumer engagement side, Panasonic is doing a lot inside the restaurant to engage consumers.

RG: Well great, listen, we really appreciate the support both of you personally and Panasonic as a company as being one of our founding industry partners and we appreciate your joining the IFBTA, and what you do for the IFBTA on a local level and also the educational piece so we want to thank you.

JP: Rob, it’s an honor to be a part of it. Thank you.

RG: Thank you. Rob Grimes here with Panasonic, our global industry partner at CES.