Table Talk; Tech

Lauren Selman May 3, 2023


Host Rob Grimes shares some of the Table Talk conversations that he has been a part of a recent receptions, dinners and of course early morning coffees. While many subjects are offered on the big stage at industry conferences, much of the “meat” of the top of mind subjects facing out industry, takes place in these small group and 1-on-1 conversations. Talks about the future of the hospitality industry are notoriously known to occur at private functions – mainly dinners and receptions.

To name a few, AI and ChatGPT is brought up in almost every conversation and presentation. The discussion is not just on the technology, but questions about ethics and the human factor in providing hospitality. Another key topic is disaster recovery and planning after public ransomware attacks, as well as the role of robotics in providing services and the interaction with employees and guests.

Whether it’s over a coffee, drink, meal or in the hallway, the important conversations are the follow-on ones that occur off the main stage, that tell the future of tech trends within the industry. To hear more about these tech table talks, listen to this episode of Accelerate.